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About us

About us

We are always glad to have both new and returning customers.
We will clean;
Window Sills
Window Tracks
Stained Glass
And Lights.
For both Comercial and Residential buildings.
Here is how to give yourself a general estimate, without even calling;
First figure out what you want cleaned in you business or house.
Second count them and apply the following prices;
one side of a normal sized window pane; 1$
For very large windows such as arcadia doors 2$
For Screens 1$
For Large Screens 2$
For a Window Track 1$
Mirrors 1-5$ per pane, depending on size
Stained glass 1-10$ depending on size and difficulty
Lights and chandeliers can very widely, though are generally 5$
Cob webs and window sills are free with the window.
Add them all up and you will have a pretty good idea what it will cost.
on a side note, hard water removal, paint removal, or construction clean ups all very in price by the severity and difficulty, but there is no window we won't clean.

If you drop the name of a previous costomer who you heard about us through, its Five dollars off the price, and for every referal you give us, that decide to get their windows cleaned, its ten dollars off the next service for you.
So email us at
Or Call At


Thank you for the visit.